You're Everything To Me (4:18)
Music by Don Robertson. Words by Don Robertson and Beth Eames

Vocals by Thad Wharton and Lisa Marie DiLuigi
Piano and Digital Orchestra by Don Robertson


(Him) If we had another life to live
Would you still remember me
And search beyond the sea of souls
To find our destiny

(Her) I would wander all the world for you
I would soar through stormy skies
When faith outlives my final breath on Earth
I will love you for all time

You are my everything
My life – my destiny
You are the air I breathe
You’re everything to me

(Him) We will rise above our perfect love
Live in total ecstasy
Two souls embracing bliss together
Joined as one eternally

(Her) We will sing unending songs of love
And never die in lost good-byes
If tomorrow doesn’t come again
I see forever in your eyes

(Her) And if the heavens fell into the sea
(Him) And all the mountains tumbled down
(Both) I’d still promise all my love to you
And live forever in your arms


(Him) You are the air I breathe
(Her) You’re everything
(Both) You’re everything to me
(Her) To me
(Him) To me

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