Stay (3:22)
Words and Music by Don Robertson

Vocal by Jamie Liana
Digital Orchestra and Drums by Don Robertson


Verse 1
It’s so great having you here tonight
But now you must go home
I guess that it will be alright
Me bein' here alone
Oh how I need you here with me
You really have to stay

Verse 2
Its not so easy livin' by myself
Here on the edge of despair
When you're around I feel so pure
You're like a breath of air
So I'll just ask you one more time
You really have to stay

You are the one who guides me
The one I long to know
Your presence fills my spirit
Everywhere I go!

Verse 3
Now don't remind me of yesteryears
I'm sick and tired of that
Sometimes you have to mend your ways
And get your life on track
I need you here beside me now
You really have to stay


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