Someday (4:08)
Words and Music by Don Robertson

Vocal by Gerald Lanier
Piano, Digital Orchestra and Drums by Don Robertson


Verse 1
"Some day": two words so clear to me
They play in all my memories, cause
I still want you back in my arms
"No way," whispered in the crowd
They won’t speak to me out loud
But they don't know
How it will be

Verse 2
Downplay all this hope I feel
You say I don't know what's real
How can you judge what fate will bring?
I say, it will all work out
We'll be two-as-one somehow
Give it some time
You will be mine

And when you've climbed every mountain
And when you've crossed every sea
That's when you will realize
That's when you’ll see with open eyes
Someday, you'll come running to me

Verse 3
Someday, we'll be a family, I
Dare say, how happy we will be
Two hearts joined together as one
I pray my words speak to you, that
Some way, you will know it's true
The time will come
When we'll be one

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