Just As You Are (3:09)
Words and Music by Don Robertson

Vocal by Marianne Wharton
Piano, Digital Orchestra and Drums by Don Robertson


Verse 1
Take off that mask
We're not there anymore
Don't look to me now
To even the score
You're not the same as
You were once before
You have to face things
Just as you are

Verse 2
Loose all those neckties,
The suits, and that car. 
They only say that
You aren’t who you are.
You don't need stories
To fill your memoir.
Come to the party
Just as you are.  

You’ll find your freedom
When you love who you are
For every question
You’ll find the answer!
We'll build a palace
We'll dance and we'll sing
Promise surrounds us
We’ll have everything!

Verse 3
Take all your problems
And throw them away
Trade all your storm clouds
For a warm summer's day
Sunshine will lead you
To a far-distant star
You're already perfect
Just as you are.

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