Eternally (3:51)
Music by Don Robertson. Words by Don Robertson and Beth Eames

Vocal by Gerald Lanier

Strings by Nashville's "The Love Sponge" arranged by Don Robertson
Piano and Digital Orchestra by Don Robertson


Verse 1

Beautiful miracle
I’m so thankful, my precious child
As I hold you close,
my heart beats with yours
Every breath you take, every smile  

While you sleep peacefully
Angels sing to you in your dreams
You are cradled in blessings and love
From above, eternally

Verse 2
When you take your first steps
I'll be there for you with arms outstretched
I will call your name;
I will catch your fall As you learn to walk and stand tall

When you laugh, when you cry
You will find me there by your side
I will help you be all you can be
I promise you, eternally    


I pray to God above to bless your soul
And help you grow in his love
Whatever path you choose
We’ll help make your dreams come true

Verse 3
And with each passing day
You will learn to live on your own
Like a butterfly you will spread your wings
As you learn to fly away from home 

When it’s time for you to leave
I will set you free, fearlessly
Knowing when you have a child of your own
You’ll love her, eternally

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