Caroline (3:22)
Words and Music by Don Robertson

Vocal by Thad Wharton
Digital Orchestra and Drums by Don Robertson


Verse 1
Somewhere in the shadows
I saw faintly a vision there
Unfolding right in front of me
In the mist
Somehow I saw you clearly, and I
Opened my heart to you completely
This vision there before me
That was you

Verse 2
You gently touched my shoulder
As you led me to your promised land
Diamonds on a purple plane
Sparkled there
I was overtaken
By the pure beauty of heaven
Waiting there inside me
I found you

Many nights I cried desperately
Wishing you would come to me
Now I see you will always be
A part of me eternally

Verse 3
Now I am united
With your energy so sublime
And I am the Willing One
By your side
Fill me with your power
Let me live freely each hour
Now that I have found you
You are mine

Now that I have found you
You are mine

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